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Subject Hudson's enamel soap sign we close at today curved top
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Posted:07/10/2007 03:35:03

Does anyone know what a Hudson's soap sign with a clock is worth that says WE CLOSE AT TODAY? There is one in the Gallery.

Posted:07/10/2007 19:17:50


 depends on condition but if very good i would say £500 - £600, there is a rarer version saying cyclists light up to night, i have a mint one of those in my collection but what they are worth im not sure.

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Posted:08/10/2007 09:15:10

Depends on the damage, they would have to be near perfect to fetch 5-600. Most go for around £300 in damaged condition. I would pay Ossie well into 4 figures for his though!


Posted:08/10/2007 17:14:38
I wouldn't hesitate if a perfect one were to cross my path at £600 but once again there is a big difference between slight damage and perfect.

Posted:10/10/2007 07:17:22
This one was repatriated with the help of Greg Howard. Not the rarest clock but exceptional condition.

Posted:11/10/2007 14:27:30

Thanks for your answers and showing photo. I ended up selling the sign in Australia for $1000. I had 3 offers of $1000. My mother did end up finding the sign in a collectors magazine that was year 1989. It said the sign was worth $1100 to $1300 back then. It also states the Hudson soap sign is year 1895.                                                                                                    

Posted:10/11/2007 11:06:36
This variation is coming up on January 6th at the BBR LIVE online bidding auction at Elsecar at the big Winter Coddswallop Show.

Estimate £300 - 400+

Posted:12/11/2007 15:00:47
Had a number of emails enquiring about the above sign upcoming at BBR Auctions sale (alongside the Winter Coddswallop Show) on January 6th.

There are a good number of signs included i the catalogue which, fully illustrated, is available from BBR for just £8, or order all of 2008 cats for just £24.

You can email any questions direct to:

If you follow the link under EVENTS on this excellent website you will see a number of other images which I will continue to add.

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