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Do you have any pictures of pictorial enamel signs we can put in the database?

We are currently compiling an online database of pictorial pre-war UK enamel signs & would appreciate any help. We can accredit you with any pictures submitted and make you part of the collector / dealer database we are also building. Registering with the website will help us keep you updated with new finds and site developments.

We are also currently looking for Old Packets, Labelled Tins, Card, Tin & Enamel Signs, Dummy Display Boxes, Labelled Jars & Old Bottles, Advertising Mirrors & Old Cabinets for our Victorian – Edwardian Shop Display.

Regards, Alex Renshaw

Advertising Antiques or

07941 971039

Old Glass Bottles, Pots & Jars
Old Labelled Pots Bottles & Jars
Old Posters & Card Advertising Signs & Showcards
Old Shop Display Items & Dispensers
Old Chemists Shop Items
Old Sweet, Chocolate and Toffee Tins
Old Labelled Store Boxes & Display Boxes
Old Food, Condiments, Mustard & Cake Tins
Old Cigar, Rolling & Pipe Tobacco and Cigarette Tins
Old Tins for General Household Items & Store Products
Old Kitchenalia & General Domestic Items
Old Packets of Soap, Starch & Laundry Products
Old Packets & Dummy Displays for Cigarettes & Tobacco
Old Boxes, Packets & Packaging for Food & Drinks
Old Tins for Drinks & Beverages Tea & Coffee
Old Glass Shop Signs & Advertising Mirrors
Ephemera – Printed Cards, Adverts & Labels

Many Thanks

A big thanks goes out to Steve Burton & Eileen Byrne, Fred Brumby, Stephen Boyne, Steve Hudson, Ian Hawkes, David Signs, Jon Crosby, Greg Howard, Monaco Auctions, Simon Caldwell, Rick Edwards, Michael Egan, Steven Piercy, Ian Dennison, Barrie Pook, Steve Fuller, Chris Delanoue, Jim Bacon, Kevin Matcham, Brian Howes, George Courts, Nigel & Becks Scott, Dan Carter, Stephen Boyne, Chris Lever, Andy F, Chris Osbourne, Nigel Sykes, Peter Williams, The Emmitts, Robert Opie, Stu Wright, Stu Sims, Julien Sims, Alan Chandler, David Arme, Dave Hunter, Paul Collett, Ben, Les and the Bristol Guys, John Williams, EDDIE, Justin Brookman and everyone else who has recently contributed to the site.

Alex Renshaw